Summer Information

Important Dates!

June 23 6:30-7:30 Covenant Christian Academy Mandatory Parent Orientation

June 25 10:00-11:00 Covenant Christian Academy Camp Tour

June 27th Covenant Christian Academy First Day of Camp

Camp Hours Monday-Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm Fridays 9:00am-2:00pm                            

                           June 27th-August 5th

July 4th and July22nd NO CAMP! (Parents responsible for notifying bus companies)

August 5th 9:30am Hollywood Hits Danvers, Ma Movie Premiere (pick up and drop off at movie premiere and there is no camp following the movie)

Swim Day every Wednesday Danvers YMCA Please bring towel and arrive at camp in bathing suit

Social Scenes Field trips

  • July 1st
  • July 8th
  • July 15th
  • July 29th


Filed trips in the past have included laser tag, bowling, movies, trampoline parks, movies, mini golf, go carts and more! Stay tuned for the official schedule

Group Assignments Groups are formed on the basis of age, personality and interests. Each group is made up of participants with a range of visible and invisible skills and needs who are placed together because we have determined they will work well together and challenge one another. No two participants have exactly the same areas of strength and difficulty and we work to carefully intake participants in order to create well-balanced groups.

After the first one to two days sometimes parents hear negative feedback from their children about the other group members, changes from the year prior, counselors and the rules. Please encourage your child to give it three days to allow for the group to establish a community. Very often on the third or fourth day parents hear positive feedback from happy kids!

Contact Information:

Leadership staff are active participants of the program. They are often in the groups or providing struggling group members with support. Leadership staff would like to give families undivided attention and are rarely able to do so at drop off or pick up. If you would like to speak to the Program Director, please let the staff know at drop off, email the director directly or text the Spotlight Cell.

  • Spotlight cell: (978) 880-8484
  • Director: Carrie Chapman Breaux
  • Weekday phone: Chris Curtin (978) 624-2335
  • Covenant Christian Academy (978)535-7100
  • *note this is not a direct line to SL and should not be the first means of contact*


Behavior Support

Spotlight is dedicated to providing safe spaces to take time away from the group, facilitate conversation between peers, and assist in using all coping strategies should a group member become escalated. Safety of our group members and staff is our top priority. Spotlight never restrains or goes “hands on” with any of the group members. In the event of aggression, property damage, or elopement; Spotlight will contact the family first and if necessary first responders. If Spotlight is not able to reach the family or emergency contact, first responders will be called. Depending on the incident, the group member may be required to take the following day off (no prorating) or under extreme cases asked not to return.


Onsite at CCA is a program called Wholesome Tummies. This is an online order service where families can set up online accounts and can order their child’s lunch and it will be ready for them during lunch time. This is NOT a Spotlight Service and any questions should be made to the staff at wholesome tummies. Check out for more info.

We encourage all peanut free lunches; however we know there are some group members who have a very limited food repertoire. We will offer a peanut only table. Those who bring peanut or nut butter items are able to have one reserved table. Immediately following lunch those group members will be required to go to the bathroom and wash their hands. However we strongly encourage peanut free lunches.


We swim on Wednesdays. All are encouraged to participate. As an alternative there is a community project where the “non-swimmers” can assist in local park clean ups and other volunteer opportunities. If there is thunder and lightning, the YMCA closes the pool. If this is the case the entire camp will join in the community project. Please make sure to send your child with a towel every Wednesday. Ladies are asked to wear one piece swimsuits and please make sure boys trunks fit properly. It is helpful if they arrive to camp in their swim suits.

Friday Field Trips

Each Friday the camp will go on a fieldtrip. Please remind your child to wear their t-shirts. If there is a snack bar or arcade (should you choose to do so) please do not send more than $20.00 for snacks and games. Staff will not loan money to any of the group members.

What is Tech-Time

Formally “video game time”; Tech-Time now includes YouTube and Minecraft. All three activities have specific guidelines, rules, and curriculum which highlight tolerance, collaboration, listening skills, flexibility, sportsmanship, and creativity.

Why Improv?

Everyone is put into situations every day where you don’t know what to do, but you “fake it until you make it”. Spotlight uses improv skills and lessons to provide some concrete examples on how to “fake it” not only on stage or on screen but in real life as well. Weaving in high-interest-topics makes improv more fun and enticing to those who may start out with some stage fright.

Why make a movie? Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. How better to do that than make four 12 min films!!! The creation of the movie requires planning, scheduling, acting, collaboration, flexibility and creativity. It is quite the endeavor, but well worth it on Movie Premier Day!

Social Media

The Spotlight Program is a place to feature creativity. Often times parents want to know what happens at camp. We have created a closed Facebook group for parents/kids who attend the summer program. Here you can find updates, funny anecdotes from camp, reminders photos and videos. These photos and videos are for the closed group only unless there is a signed photo release for everyone in the photo/video, in which case the photo/video may be used publicly on the Spotlight Facebook page or YouTube Channel etc.