About Our Social Skills Groups
The Spotlight Program promotes feelings of self-esteem and empowerment, allowing participants to realize their own potential and appreciate their place in the community.

Our group members have areas of incredible strength and talent but often struggle with the nuances of social interaction. Some present with diagnoses such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Anxiety and/or ADHD, while others are simply shy and have difficulty making friends. Spotlight is safe place where the sense of belonging is cultivated, differences are celebrated and tolerance is valued.

At Spotlight, a variety of factors are taken into consideration when placing your child in a group that will increase his or her likelihood of success. Groups are formed on the basis of age, developmental needs, interests, social competency, language competency, and level of perspective taking. Each group is made up of participants with a range of visible and invisible skills and needs who are placed together because we have determined they will work well together and challenge one another. No two participants have exactly the same areas of strength and difficulty and we work to carefully intake participants in order to create well-balanced groups.

Group Change Policy
No group changes will be considered until after the first week of group, unless a safety-related issue arises and/or is deemed necessary by Spotlight staff. We ask that parents/guardians please wait until this period of transition has passed, as groups do not truly begin to take functional shape until then.

After the first week, a request for a change of group will be assessed based on the following criteria: safety concerns, counselor observation, developmental needs, temperament, sensory needs, parent input, similar interests and/or age. Based on the above clinical assessment, if a change is deemed necessary to support the social goals of an individual or group, it will occur at the most appropriate time for the individual and group.

A refund will be honored if the participant has been suspended or terminated from the program due to safety concerns or if an emergency has resulted in program closure; a refund cannot be honored due to a participant’s absence for any reason other than those previously stated.