• What Our Families Are Saying:

    I had tears reading my son’s report. Tears of joy, peace and a feeling inside that I can't quite explain. I realized how important this program was for my son the day I saw the flyer, but to see how important this is to him and how hard he is working has made the challenge with his school worth every penny. He comes home tired, but happy and tells me he is working hard but he knows it is worth it. I never thought I would ever hear words like these coming from his lips. For this family, all of you have given us a future to look forward to. I was told one too many times my son would never be where he is today. I never believed that, and you believed in him (and didn't think I was to crazy LOL). I know I have thanked you all before, but when you read a report that tells you how hard and how far this young man has come when so many people wouldn't listen to me for so many years, thank you just does not seem to be enough. From the bottom of my heart (and I am sure my son’s also) many, many thank yous. -- Parent


  • Northeast Arc

    The Spotlight Program is a program of the Northeast Arc, one of the most innovative agencies in the state serving children and adults with disabilities and their families. NeArc was founded in the 1950s by parents with the courage and determination to ensure their children and others with disabilities will have every opportunity to live and thrive in the community.
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